Who we are

Renquark is a world known leading energy solutions provider, specializing in high performance photovoltaics module and solar thermal technologies and great energy solutions. In our very core, we are go by a various team that's dedicated to innovations and is obsessed on creating solutions to resolve one amongst the largest problems in nation and green energy management.

Our Products

Solar On-Grid/Off-Grid

Spare a Watt; Save a Lot

Solar Water Heater

Let The Sun Prepare Your Bath

Solar Steam

The Sun & The Enthalpy

Our Services

Energy project consulting service

Analysis the energy situation
for every customer and
tailer special and efficient
solution individually.

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Energy management and supervisions

we take care of existing power system to improve efficiency and supervise undergoing or future planned energy projects.

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Energy Project Performance Assessment

Regular maintenance to assist the operation and to ensure adequate peak performance of your energy systems.

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