Regularity Works

  • Meeting with third party agencies or officials.
  • Collection of energy and consumption for analysis and forecasting.

Documentation Review

  • Verification of required system documentation
  • Technical review of component installed and its warrantee/ guarantee etc.
  • Review of Project Agreements and its compliance such as Power evacuation, Land documents
  • Study the status of various statuary clearances obtained
  • Study the status of land title.
  • Payment status for sale of power.

Site Inspection

  • Physical Inspection
  • Operational document review at site
  • Carry out below mentioned tests
    • Open circuit voltage (Voc)
    • Short circuit current (Isc)
    • Maximum Power point current (Impp)
    • Earth continuity
    • Polarity tests
    • PV array insulation resistance tests
    • Inspection of vital components such as Invertor, Control panels SCADA and to see the compliance of maintenance schedules
  • Availability of water for cleaning of PV cells
  • Methodology and frequency of Module cleaning

Performance Assessment

  • Review of historical performance, major breakdown etc.
  • Grid Network Assessment, expansion plans & Grid stability.
  • Inspect and prepare review documentation of Resource and Annual Energy yield forecast
  • Survey of Performance Ratio (PR) in light of prompt information just as one month/year chronicled information, if accessible.
  • Auxiliary power consumption and losses at different stages.

Financial calculations

Financial calculations for the project life such as Project IRR, Equity, Payback period, etc.